The SnowPlak is a patented concept that allows you to adapt quickly to loose snow, while keeping your crampons on your feet. In the mountains on hard snow or ice, the mandatory equipment includes mountaineering crampons, which are essential for safe progress. The SnowPlak combined with your crampons extends the range of use to a variety of snow conditions. When the two pieces of equipment are assembled, they form a "snowshoe" compatible with mountaineering, approach, rescue or alpine hiking. Short and light (700g/pair, 23x37x5cm), they allow a safe progression on steep slopes (30° and more), in traverse or ascent & descent. The SnowPlak can be removed in one move and fits in a 20 liter bag. This latest version features an anodized aluminum bar for improved compactness and compatibility with small size crampons or corded crampons. The straps are 20mm wide. A front flange also facilitates the passage of the straps. This recyclable aluminum product is entirely designed and manufactured in France.

20% PRO discount on the Approach model
HM guides, AEMs, first responders and doctors
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