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Weight without spikes: 340g per pair
Surface: 22x40cm

Compact and ultra light snowshoe for mountaineering and expedition.
Compatible with all ice crampons, fits between the crampon and the boot without adjustment.

The Approach boot shape has good lift on the way up and keeps the heel clear to maximize grip on the way down.
This shape cuts through the snow on the way down and has a bouncy effect in the powder.
Its exceptional weight and affordable price make it an ideal compromise when every gram counts.

Shoeing: the crampon straps pass between the dyneema cords of the plate that is locked between the shoe and the crampon when locked. The front strap of a semi-automatic crampon can be hooked to the cord, allowing the whole thing to remain mounted.

Safety precautions :
SnowPlak snowshoes are designed to reduce sinking on loose snow but should not be used without crampons or on hard snow or ice slopes.
Together, the two pieces of equipment form a snowshoe that makes approaching and hiking easier, in the context of the usual use of a snowshoe.
Only use ice crampons when they are essential for safe mountaineering.

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S: 36-42, M: 40-48

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