Snowshoe adaptable to any hiking or ski boot


Snowshoe adaptable on any hiking or ski boot, sizes 36-46.

The efficiency of this patented concept is incomparable on steep slopes. Its exceptional grip will make you feel secure when crossing and descending.

Its 12-point Grivel aluminum crampon combines ease of use and walking comfort. The quality of its materials is exceptional. It can be disassembled for use in mountaineering.

The plate's side and front knives distribute support in the snowpack on ascents and traverses. The technology of this 12-point crampon makes the heel planting very effective on all snow when descending. Its low positioning under the plate allows a natural and fluid walk in all circumstances.

This compact and lightweight snowshoe will easily fit in your backpack. You can then experiment with more complex terrain and extend your adventure.

The SnowPlak-Trek is composed of:
- U-shaped aluminum plates with side cutters
- Grivel Air Tech Lite Wide New-Matic (Trek-a) or New-Classic (Trek-b) crampons
- Aluminum tube attached to the manually adjustable crampon.
- Front aluminum reinforcement plate riveted to the underside of the plate

Weight, dimensions: 1,3kg the pair with spikes, 23x34cm
Material: orange anodized aluminum plate.

The compatibility with the crampons mentioned or represented is based on tests carried out by SAS SnowPlak only.
The responsibility of the Grivel company cannot be engaged in any case.

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Weight 1,3 kg
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